Mon, 02/15/2021 - 17:15
Pilates with Katarzyna Rzetelska

PILATES is one of the forms of physical activity that does not create limitations of age, fitness and body capabilities. It brings relief to people who spend a lot of time sitting, soothes nervous tension, but also makes it possible to achieve the smoothness of movement. Pilates is an excellent, almost universal training method developed by the German athlete Joseph Pilates; it has been used by many famous dancers and choreographers, including George Balanchine, Martha Graham and Hanya Holm. We invite you to participate in online classes conducted by Katarzyna Rzetelska, an artist-dancer of the Polish Dance Theatre. 

Description of workshops: 

The Pilates method includes a set of exercises that engage not only the body, but also the mind because they require a great deal of concentration. By activating all muscle fibers while stretching and lengthening the body, the workout strengthens weakened muscle groups. Regularly repeated – in compliance with the key rules – it soothes back pain. The exercises focus primarily on activating little-used abdominal muscles, those situated deeper in the abdomen, and even muscle tone throughout the body. These elements model proper body posture. The movements become delicate and gentle, give great flexibility, elegance and shape a slimmer figure. We restore balance, harmony, flexibility and grace to our bodies. We learn to consciously achieve elongation in the joints, thanks to which we improve their mobility, which is often the result of pain relief. Our awareness related to proper posture improves our functioning and helps us control ourselves on a daily basis. With the right knowledge, we can “exercise” in all circumstances; even while standing in line, driving a car, or trying to change our daily habits so that they begin to work for us, making us feel good, fit, and often pain-free. 

Katarzyna Rzetelska - artist/dancer, a graduate of the Łódź Ballet School. After graduating, she worked at the Musical Theater in Łódź, then she signed a contract in Japan where she danced in the style of modern jazz and broadway jazz. Upon her comeback, she danced on the stages of Western Europe in a musical repertoire. She perfected her executive and pedagogical skills during internships and workshops in contemporary dance and modern jazz techniques. In 2005, she became a permanent member of the Polish Dance Theater. She was in the group of dancers collaborating with William Petit in the “Trans Danse Europe” project.

The classes will be conducted in Polish and English. 

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Date: 15.02. 2021, 10.00 A.M. / Day 1/ Monday 

Pilates.Dzień pierwszy/Vimeo On Demand

Date: 16.02.2021, 10.00 A.M. / Day 2 / Tuesday 

Pilates. Dzień drugi/Vimeo On Demand

Date: 17.02.2021, 10.00 A.M. / Day 3 / Wednesday 

Pilates. Dzień trzeci/Vimeo On Demand

Date: 18.02.2021, 10.00 A.M. / Day 4 / Thursday 

Pilates. Dzień czwarty/Vimeo On Demand

Date: 19.02.2021, 10.00 A.M. / Day 5 / Friday 

 Pilates. Dzień piąty/Vimeo On Demand

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Access price: 14.98 PLN (payment by credit card or PayPal via Vimeo)