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na zdjęciu widać trzy tancerki odwrócone plecami, opartymi na kolanach, z rękoma podniesionymi do góry;

Closing the first important part of the Up2Dance project

With the round tables conducted by Magenta Consultoria Projects and Derida Dance Center, we are happy to announce that this very important milestone, namely, organizing and realizing round tables on the professional roles in dance, has been finished.

On December 2nd, 2020 Magenta conducted their round table on the professional profiles of Dancer/Dance teacher/Rehearsal director/Choreographer. The meeting was held online via Whereby Platform.

The participants highlighted the fact that many of them have had experiences around Europe and some of them are also involved in teaching activities regarding the dancing world. They talked about the issue that is the lack of regulations within the dancing world and also regarding the joining of the labor market once you finish your studies. As teachers, some of the participants also explained how their students are trained to be competitive professionals but the lack of regulations, even within Europe, makes it difficult for them to enter the workforce within a dancing company for example.

The round table was facilitated by María Sol Alvarez from Magenta Consultoría Projects. The participants were Xevi Dorca, Pablo Dávila, Yoshua Cienfuegos, and Melanie Lopez Lopez.

Derida Dance Center conducted their round tables on December 21st and 22nd  via Google Meet.

The first meeting was under the topic: “Round table discourse on the roles of Artistic Director and choreographer. State of contemporary dance in Bulgaria”, and the second – under the topic: “Round table discourse on the roles of Dancer and Dance teacher. State of contemporary dance in Bulgaria”.

Due to the nature of the issues affecting all professional profiles, in the end both meetings focused on the issues related to all the 4 professional roles (choreographer / assistant choreographer / dancer / dance teacher).

Facilitators were Atanas Maev – Project manager of Derida Dance Center/ Art Link Foundation; Jivko Jeliazkov – Artistic Director and choreographer of Derida Dance Center/ Art Link Foundation, and Isabel Mitkova – Assistant Project Manager and dancer.

The results of the preliminary study were briefly presented in order to outline a general framework of the state of dance professional profiles in Europe and in particular in the partner countries.

The meetings continued with a discussion on the identified issues:

  • Lack of professional orientation in the profiled schools - namely in what profession according to the national classifier the student could develop. Who is who and what obligations/privileges he or she in the field of performing arts;
  • According to the National Classification of Occupations, there are two profiles - ballet dancer and folk artist. The profile of an artist in the field of contemporary dance is missing. This is the founding problem;
  • There is a need for categorization by the state in terms of dance artists working in the field of contemporary dance, as such is currently lacking;
  • Increasingly, when hiring a choreographer/dancer, his or her experience is taken into account rather than his or her higher education diploma;
  • The creation of a register for independent artists at the Ministry of Culture is forthcoming. The existence of such a register will lead to a relaxed regime of existence, purely economic, in this area;

Both meetings were held with the participation of Tsveta Doycheva (Independent artist – choreographer, dancer, scenographer); Marion Darova (Independent artist – choreographer, dancer; dance teacher); Kalina Georgieva (Dancer, dance teacher, part of Atom Theatre); Eleonora Miteva (Ballet dancer, contemporary dancer); Pepi Koleva ( dancer, dance teacher); Dimitar Stefanov (Independent artist – Actor);

The next steps

New challenges lie ahead.

The next step in the implementation of the Up2Dance project is to create a comparative analysis between professional profiles at national level, in each partner country, as well as the conduction of three workshops – in Bulgaria (March, 2021), Netherlands (April, 2021), Portugal (July, 2021).


The UP2DANCE project – a collaboration between Balletto di Roma (Italy), Derida Dance Center (Bulgaria), Magenta Consultoria (Spain), Polish Dance Theatre (Poland), ICK (Netherlands), and Companhia de Dança de Almada (Portugal) is funded by Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

For more information and updates, follow the @up2danceproject Facebook page.


photo (above) by Alwin Poiana

photo (on previous page): Merian Nickolova, Photo-Corps from S INNER, a contemporary dance performance by Jivko Jeliazkov