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The Water Hen or Delusion

Based on the motifs of Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz's dramas “Kurka wodna”/”The Water Hen”, “Matka”/”Mother”, “Tumor Mózgowicz”/  „Tumor Brainowicz” oraz “Bellatrix”.

The wheel is a metaphor for human fate. The cyclical repetition of events determines the fate of individuals and societies, becoming an insurmountable trap. The performance “Kurka wodna albo urojenie” is an attempt to find an equivalent for this existential experience in the form of dance theater. The sense of “strangeness of existence”, the absurdity of interpersonal situations, the lack of harmony, the disintegration of relations, all contribute to the decadent image of a world in crisis, which, colliding with the revolution, finally ceases to exist. The leitmotif is the drama of an unfulfilled artist who, while trying to escape the constant anguish of unstable personal and family relationships, finds nothing but oppression and boredom, interrupted by short moments of intoxication, and the feeling that “all this has been once before, only a little different”. The performance stops at the borderline between reality and sleep, and it is not known whether each of the characters Edgar encounters really exists or is just a phantasm of imagination. We are like in a dream, like in a reality TV show, in the balance between narration and the manifestation of the Pure Form, nothing that happens is completely real, even death which can happen many times to the same character.

The production Water Hen or Delusion received three prizes during the Final of the 7th Competition for the Staging of Old Works of Literature “Klasyka Żywa” (“Living Classics”) / 46th Opole Theatre Confrontations (2022). Equal individual awards went to Igor Gorzkowski – for directing, and Iwona Pasińska for choreography. The artists-dancers of the Polish Dance Theatre were honoured with a team prize.Co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, from the Culture Promotion Fund. 




Premiere online: 

28th of December, 2020 on the Polish Dance Theatre’s VIMEO channel  


Authors and producers:

Igor Gorzkowski – direction and dramaturgy
Iwona Pasińska – choreography
Zbigniew Kozub, Georg Friedrich Händel – music
Andrzej Grabowski – stage design and costumes
Adriana Cygankiewicz – costume collaboration, hairstyles and make-up
Marek Grabowski – video projections.

The performance incorporates Sarabande by Georg Friedrich Händel, performed by Camerata Cambrensis conducted by Caroline Collier.

Creation and performance:
Dominik Kupka – Edgar 
Sandra Satan – Water Hen
Katarzyna Rzetelska – Father, Mother
Jerzy Kaźmierczak – Tadeusz
Emily Wong-Adrian – Lady Alice Of Nevermore
Katarzyna Kulmińska – Korbowska, Cook, Monster
Zbigniew Kocięba – Prince of Nevermore
Agnieszka Jachym – Krysia
Kacper Bożek – Baron Sakalyi, Butler, Monster
Julia Hałka – Bellatrix
Paulina Jaksim – Theosophoric, Monster
Patryk Jarczok – Dexterowicz, Sir Grand, Butler
Evelyn Blue – Zofia of Abencerage Kremlinska
Pau Pérez Piqué – Da Strada, Butler
Daniel Michna – Firecracker, Monster
Robert Chodyła – Voice
Adam Ferency – Michał Węborek                                                              

Service of the performance:
light engineer – Przemysław Gapczyński
sound engineer – Michał Drozda
sound recording service – Zuzanna Majewska
video projection – Michał Drozda, Marcin Gawinecki
video projection service – Michał Drozda, Piotr Grywaczewski
costume preparation – Adriana Cygankiewicz
technical service of the stage – Michał Drozda, Przemysław Gapczyński, Piotr Grywaczewski, Grzegorz Potocki 

Producer – Polish Dance Theatre
production facilities – Robert Chodyła 

Streaming implementation:
Marek Grabowski – operator
Arkadiusz Pająk – vision implementer
Mirosław Mamczur – operator

Photo: Andrzej Grabowski

Time: 70 min.