Wed, 06/17/2020 - 15:33
CLASS(H) with us! Lessons online with the Polish Dance Theatre!
lessons online

On the 14th of June we are starting cycle of short dance classes online in the space of Internet. 

Every day, the Polish Dance Theatre team starts their work with a lesson. It aims to warm up and prepare the dancer for the rehearsal. Due to the varied, rich repertoire, the training of artists is very comprehensive and extensive. 

Polish Dance Theatre invites you to participate in a virtual part of its lesson and encourages you to practice together online!

And here is the necessary technical information – the premieres of each episode of the cycle will take place every day at 10.00 am on Facebook of the Polish Dance Theatre. Video clips of recorded exercise will be available for one week from the first show.



Sunday, 14.06, 10.00 am, Sunday Improvisation

Hosted by: Michał Przybyła

This lesson will allow you to work on mindfulness – being here and now – as well as body awareness, and will encourage you to search inside your own body and the space around you. 

Feel free to include your own background music.

Monday, 15.06, 10.00 am, Monday Workout / Conditioning 

Hosted by: Julia Hałka

This workout consists of three parts: a warm-up based on greeting the Sun yoga pose, intervals – a series of exercises that will strengthen your muscles and improve your shape and condition, as well as stretching muscles, necessary after each effort. 

Prepare sports shoes and turn on motivating background music!

Tuesday, 16.06, 10.00 am, Physical Tuesday / Physical Dance

Hosted by: Paweł Malicki

Active warm-up, exercises on the floor will prepare you for a dynamic combination at the end, which will allow you to work on various elements of floor work

Wednesday, 17.06, 10.00 am, Inhale, exhale / Pilates 

Hosted by: Katarzyna Rzetelska

This technique will strengthen your muscles, especially the central parts of your body (muscles of the abdomen, hips and back), improve body elasticity, and allow you to concentrate on breathing. 

Thursday, 18.06, 10.00 am, Ballet Thursday / Classical Dance

Hosted by: Adrian Radwański

Accompanied by: Zuzanna Majewska

This lesson focuses on the exercises at a bar (a chair can be used instead). It is a solid warm-up, where we work on coordination, flexibility and balance to be able to continue exercising in the "center" (without the bar).

Friday, 19.06, 10.00 am Contemporary Friday / Modern Dance  

Hosted by: Patryk Jarczok

A modern dance lesson with elements of floor work and improvisation, during which you will work on different qualities of movement.

 Lessons will be conducted both in Polish and English. 

The cycle takes place within the CLASH project! When Classic And Contemporary Dance Collide And New Forms Emerge, co-financed from the Creative Europe program (Grant Agreement No 2018-2032/001-001).

Find out more about the project:

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