Fri, 09/06/2019 - 14:47
BÓRIA [Brzemię]

The first and last scene of the short film "Bória" is filled by the painting of Zofia Stryjeńska entitled "Seasons. November - December (Pageant I - with a deer), growing out of the inspiration with the Polish and Hutsul folk culture. The dynamics of the bursting canvas, which is the quintessence of the decorative style in the painting of the Polish interwar period, prompts you to launch the action, wake up the flat composition, and introduce live movement. The director of the film, Iwona Pasińska, treated a painter’s approach, namely the procession of the characters glittering with all colours, as an impulse to compose the choreography and build subsequent scenes that make up the metaphor of life in the community, moving on the line of life, experiencing good and evil, happiness and pain, unchanging rhythm of the nature and change of fate. Two worlds – the one of the individual and the one of the community – are separated by an invisible border. Because the community under a fabulously colourful and ludic mask of customs, traditions and ritual hides a different face. It throws outside the margin, "bites" and rejects.

The visual layer of the 9-minute film is co-created with ornamental motifs drawn from Stryjeńska's painting. Fragmentary narration is built of the words of traditional songs in the arrangement and performance of the Malisz Band, which overlap with the language of contemporary dance. Interspecific combination of the dance film and painting makes the second-ever film production of the Polish Dance Theatre an interdisciplinary experiment from the borderland of arts.

Based on Zofia Stryjeńska's picture „Seasons. November-December” (Pageant I - with deer)


  • RIFF: R.E.D. INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, 2018 Eina, Norway  – 2nd Award
  • LA Dance Film Festival 2020, Los Angeles, USA - StandardVision Award - 3-month exhibition on the SVLA1 screen at LA Live in downtown Los Angeles 
  • Fine Arts Film Festival 2020, Venice, USA - Best Music/Performance Film
  • On Art 2020 - International Film Festival - 1st prize in the category short professional

Official selections and screenings:

  • Muestra Movimiento Audiovisual, 2019 Guadalajara, Mexico – official selection
  • 6th International Meeting on Video-dance and Video-performance, 2019 Valencia, Spain – official selection
  • International Fine Arts Film Festival, 2019 Santa Barbara, USA – official selection
  • Raksa Dance Film Festival/ Raksa Ciné-Danse du Monde 2019 Paris, France – official selection
  • InShadow 2019, Lisbon, Portugal – official selection
  • Master of Art Film Festival, Sofia, Bulgaria - official selection
  • Los Angeles Film Festival - official selection
  • FilmArte Festival 2020, Madrid – official selection
  • MiraBanART Showcase, London – finalist
  • Fine Arts Film Festival/FAFF, Venice, California - official selection
  • ReelHeART 2020, Toronto, Canada (7th of July) - official Selection
  • On Art - Poland 2020, Warsaw, Poland, (July 3th) - Official Selection









scenario & direction: 
Iwona Pasińska 

Marek Grabowski

Edyta Pietrowska

„Ballada o sierotce” [A Ballad about the Orphan] - folk song
arranged and performed by „Malisz Mand” composed of Zuzanna Malisz, Jan Malisz, Kacper Malisz

„Huculska fantazja” [Hutsul Fantasy]
composed and performed: Jan Malisz

set designs:
Andrzej Grabowski

costumes designs:
Zofia Grzybowska
Kuluza Studio
Andrzej Grabowski
Adriana Cygankiewicz

Ostrzyciele - Reclip Sp. z o. o. 
Marcin Kołodziejczyk
Norbert Wojciechowski

Stern Pictures s.c. light&grip 
Artur Schubert
Mateusz Rybczyński 
Marcin Śmigielski

color correction & post-production:
Mirosław Mamczur

mastering the soundtrack:
Michał Garstecki Free Flay Music


artists-dancers of Polish Dance Theatre:
Evelyn Blue 
Kacper Bożek 
Julia Hałka 
Paulina Jaksim 
Jerzy Kaźmierczak 
Victoria Kennett 
Katarzyna Kulmińska 
Dominik Kupka 
Volodymyr Makovskyi 
Michał Przybyła 
Adrian Radwański 
Katarzyna Rzetelska 
Sandra Szatan 
Dominik Więcek 
Emily Wong 

guest artists:
Amy Basley
Nordang Brage
Wiktoria Ślęzok
Damian Zatoński

technical staff:
Przemysław Gapczyński
Zuzanna Majewska
Grzegorz Potocki,
Andrzej Przybyszewski,
Daniel Wiśniewski

production manager:
Małgorzata Andrzejewska

Polski Teatr Tańca 2018