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(I. Vedral):

No More Tears - the shampoo advertisement in the early 1990s promised. The brilliant smile of Barbara Piasecka Johnson, concern`s owner, who came to Poland in June 1989, gave the hope that the painful process of political transformation would also cause no tears. 

Barbara - Polish woman with charming smile, typically Polish or entirely American, immigrant, house maid at the home of millionaires, finally one of the richest woman in the world, widow of Sewerd Johnson the pharmaceutical tycoon, collector of works of art, philanthropist, benefactor of Polish Solidarity. 

When she is coming in 1989 to Gdańsk by her own plane, there is the atmosphere of expectation, the feeling of approaching change, the religious longing: I am lying in a meadow among clovers. The clover is four-leaf. I'm hungry like our whole family. And then I hear voices saying that I should go out into all the world and buy great works of art to try to help the enslaved Poland. (B. Piasecka-Johnson)

The spectacle uses strong strobe lights! People who are sensitive to this type of lighting are kindly asked to be very careful.

Film from the catalog of the Documentary and Feature Film Studio was used in the performance.

review [Polish language]:
Nigdy więcej łez [No more tears]
Izabela Szymańska | Wielkopolska. Kultura u podstaw | 2019
30 czerwca 2018



Kafelka square No More Tears

16 June 2018
CK ZAMEK in Poznań
Malta Festival 2018

Iwo Vedral

assistant director:
Dominik Więcek

Dawid Dąbrowski

set & costumes designs:
Paula Grocholska

Krystyna "Lama" Szydłowska

lighting design:
Aleksander Prowaliński

video projection:
Kuba Falkowski

Michał Kurkowski

production coordination:
Robert Chodyła

lights support:
Przemysław Gapczyński

sound support: 
Zuzanna Majewska

stage support: 
Grzegorz Potocki, Daniel Wiśniewski

premiere cast:
Kacper Bożek, Maciej Cymorek, Julia Hałka, Paulina Jaksim, Jerzy Kaźmierczak, Zbigniew Kocięba, Katarzyna Kulmińska, Żaneta Majcher, Michał Przybyła, Adrian Radwański, Katarzyna Rzetelska, Sandra Szatan, Dominik Więcek, Emily Wong

current cast:
Amy Basley, Julia Hałka, Paulina Jaksim, Katarzyna Kulmińska, Katarzyna Rzetelska, Sandra Szatan, Emily Wong-Adryanczyk, Kacper Bożek, Jerzy Kaźmierczak, Zbigniew Kocięba, Dominik Kupka, Daniel Michna, Michał Przybyła, Adrian Radwańsk

graphic designs:
Piotr Zdanowicz

60 min.