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Age Laboratory | CREATIVE LABS 2018
laboratoria twórcze

We imagine "Laboratories" as a specific space for acquiring new competences, creative searches, acquiring new knowledge and skills. This project meets the new emerging model of the functioning of culture, in which common practice is often research and / or laboratory work.


Age Lab

27.08-31.08.2018 I 17.00 - 18.00 I Place: Courtyard of the Ballet School

You are mostly welcomed on our Dancing Poznań | 18.00 - 19.00 I Courtyard of the Ballet School

This year, the age laboratory for seniors is relaxing and strengthening yoga classes with live music.

Yoga can be practiced at any age, benefiting from its health and therapeutic values. It combines physical and spiritual strength, builds internal and external balance, which can be transferred from a yoga mat to life. It calms as well as energizes and refreshes the body and mind. It allows you to enjoy health, everyday life and care for yourself.

During classes, participants will learn exercises that help in getting rid of stiffness of the body, back pain, tensions caused by stress, sedentary lifestyle, age. The yogic positions (asanas) stretch the muscles, strengthen the body and increase its movement capabilities. They also improve metabolism, warm up and help remove toxins from the body. Teaching how to breath along with movement, delicate opening of the chest and hips, relieving rotations of the spine or bending effectively reduce stress, improve the functioning of the respiratory, circulatory and nervous systems. Exercises will be adjusted to the participants' capabilities.

The musical accompaniment performed by Wiktor Łoś combines the melodiousness of the piano, the modernity of synthesizers, the deep sound of a bass guitar, the tribal rhythm of percussion instruments and the relaxing sounds of nature. The music is meant to accompany, support and deepen the participants' experience from the yoga practice, smoothly adapting their character to the next stages of the class.

Lecturers: Katarzyna Kata, Wiktor Łoś

Katarzyna Kata - a health psychologist and certified teacher of Vinyasa Yoga (Yoga Teacher Training, 200h Yoga Alliance) teaches both daily group classes as well as individual lessons in Poznan. She collaborates with Studio Namaste Yoga, the Foundation for the Support of Creativity, Culture and Art ARS and the office "SUI- Psychology and Coaching". She also co-creates Musco's activity (www.musco.pl), where, together with Wiktor Łoś, she performs artistic-psychological and music-yogic workshops throughout Poland.

I treat yoga as a holistic path of self-development and self-knowledge. A careful, conscious journey towards self-acceptance, love and authenticity. On top of that, the practice of yoga strengthens, relaxes and fills the body, mind and spirit with cleansing, harmonizing and creative energy. I cordially invite you to join our classes.

Wiktor Łoś - he started his adventure with music thanks to the piano lessons at the 1st and 2nd Degree Music School in Bydgoszcz. In search of other forms of musical expression, he reached for a bass guitar, on which he plays to this day, for example, in the band Zielony Bus Band. Raised by innumerable attempts with music bands of all genres (groove affair, career office, industry and others), he discovered that in addition to performing on stage, he loves to create melodies and compose his own songs.


Applications should be sent to: a.krolica@ptt-poznan.pl or by phone + 61 858 04 56 (just enter your name and declare your participation in the laboratory).

Curator: Anna Królica

Organizer: Polski Teatr Tańca


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