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Laboratory of Technology | CREATIVE LABS 2018
laboratoria twórcze

We imagine "Laboratories" as a specific space for acquiring new competences, creative searches, acquiring new knowledge and skills. This project meets the new emerging model of the functioning of culture, in which common practice is often research and / or laboratory work.


24.08 - 28.08.2018 I 12.30 - 15.00 

Venue: We plan to work in a various locations in Poznań and around, also in Laboratory of Experimental Media named by Stanisław Lem (Adam Mickiewicz University, Collegium Maius, Fredry street 10) 


Collective ethnographies, in the direction of post-human experience

Lecturers: prof. Agnieszka Jelewska / PhD Michał Krawczak

Humanisties/Art/Technology Research Center UAM

The aim of the workshops conducted as part of the Laboratory of Technology will be an attempt to clash human perceptions of history, memory, architecture and urban planning with the existence of inhuman entities in these places, and thus plants, stones, remnants of architecture, land, and to examine how established relationships transform and influence constructing the atmosphere of various places. Three specific places will be chosen in the area of ​​Poznań and its surroundings, whose historical and cartographic aspects, but also the post-memory narratives that co-create them, will be examined and expressed in artistic forms through the use of experimental technological tools. We will work with various forms of technological registration of the space condition / place. "Measuring apparatus" will serve us for speculative research, creation of experimental forms and narratives recording the experience and atmospheric state of a specific location. All acquired materials will be collected in a digital archive, which after the study is completed will be made available to others: recipients, researchers, artists - both in the form of raw data and in the form of an artistically processed narrative describing the condition of a given space.

Our joint research will be immersed in the issues of post-humanism, anthropocene, dark ecology and speculative meteorology. We will treat technological tools transversally - across their basic functions, revealing their post-scientific and post-artistic potential and oscillating around art as research practices.

Speculative attempt to capture space, place, post-memory from the perspective of collective experience, and thus being realized in the relationship of human and nonhuman entities, breaks the anthropocentric dimension of the understanding of microhistory by introducing into the area of ​​its perception post-human somatization and materiality. Our starting point will therefore be a situation in which human subjects form a collective with inhuman entities, revealing a new form of narrative about place and time.

The project has an interdisciplinary dimension, it is an attempt to launch research tools in the field of environmental studies and experimental artistic practices. Therefore, we invite both practitioners and theoreticians from various disciplines of science and art to participate in the laboratory; students, PhD students, graduates, researchers and artists.

Agnieszka Jelewska - a UAM professor, employee of the Institute of Theater and Media Art, theatrologist, media expert, director and co-founder of the HAT Research Center at the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznan (artandsciencestudies.com), a member of the Daed Baitz collective (daedbaitz.com)

She studies transdisciplinary relations between science, art, culture and technology in the 20th and 21st centuries. Author of many scientific texts and monographic items, including Craig. The myth of theater art (2007), Sensorium. Essays on art and technology (2012); Ecotopias. The Expansion of Technoculture (2013). Curator of projects in the field of art and science, among others Performing Revolutions (New York 2010), Transnature Is Here (Malta International Festival 2013), Auralroots - Jill Scott (CK ZAMEK, Poznań 2014). Co-creator of the Trans-Opera project  Anaesthesia (Instytut Teatralny 2016).

She conducted numerous workshops and open lectures, including: Emotional Urban Weather (Instytut Teatralny 2014), Affective Communication (Folkwang Universität der Künste, 2015). Curator of the national Post-Apocalypsis exhibition at PQ 2015, awarded with a gold medal for sound design.

Michał Krawczak - PhD in humanities, deputy director of the Institute of Theater and Media Art UAM, apprentice / theoretician, curator, co-founder of the HAT Research Center (artandsciencestudies.com), head of the Stanisław Lem Experimental Media Laboratory at the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznań, a member of the collective Daed Baitz (daedbaitz.com).

In the area of ​​scientific interests, he combines theoretical and practical experience. He deals with contemporary media and performative art, transdisciplinary research and art and science.

Curator of numerous projects and exhibitions, including: Performing Media (2011, 2012), Transnature Is Here (Malta Festival 2013), Post-Technological Experiences (2014); Emotional Urban Weather (Instytut Teatralny 2014), Affective Communication (Folkwang Universität der Künste, 2015). Co-founder of Post-Apocalypsis (PQ 2015, exhibition awarded with the gold medal for sound design) and Trans-Opera Anaesthesia (Instytut Teatralny 2016).


Please email your applications on: a.krolica@ptt-poznan.pl

The participants will be notified individually about the results of the recruitment by e-mail to the address provided in the application by July 25, 2018. Participation in the laboratories is free *, if the participant will be present in all classes.

What should include application?
The application should include a covering letter, a CV, and information about the expectations of the applicant.

Curator: Anna Królica

Organizer: Polski Teatr Tańca


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