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Polish Dance Theatre on Malta Festival 2018
Malta 2018

Polish Dance Theatre presents 6 performances within the Malta Festival Poznań 2018 between June 16th and 24th prepared in the Year of Sorcerers 2017 and the Year of the Gods 2018 at the Polish Dance Theatre. We start with the premiere of the performance "No More Tears", which will take place on June 16 and 17 at 20.00 in the Sala Wielka of the CK Zamek in Poznań.

Idiom of this year's Malta Festival Poznań "Leap of Faith" is considered as the possible variations on approaches to faith: a risky leap into admiration and beauty, but also into fanaticism. Festival asks how different beliefs and axiologies can come together in a discussion. Where do the dividing lines run, as well as the ones of understanding?

Festival’s idiom is intertwined with the message of the Year of the Gods 2018, in which the Polish Dance Theatre focus on Polish settlements, both religious and political and moral. "No More Tears" - a spectacle that follows divine and hagiographic motives, constantly returning in Polish history, directed by Iwo Vedral, a graduate of the Drama Directing Department at the State Theatre School in Cracow, two-time scholarship holder of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage. His performances include, among others: "Amok, moja dziecinada" by Thomas Freyer at the New Theatre in Cracow, "Solness" by Henrik Ibsen at the Wybrzeże Theatre in Gdańsk, "Death of a Salesman” by Arthur Miller at the Drama Theatre named by Węgierka in Bialystok. His performances were presented, among others at the Demoludy Festival in Olsztyn, The Konfrontacje Festival in Lublin and the Festival of Premieres in Bydgoszcz. Krystyna Lama Szydłowska is a choreographer of the performance, she is focused in her work on searching for alternative means of communication and relations with the viewer. Dawid Dąbrowski, a theater composer and music producer, dealing with improvised music and broadly understood electronics prepared music for “No More Tears”. The original concept of the performance won in the nationwide contest titled "Divine Evening" as part of the Year of the Gods 2018 in the Polish Dance Theater.

The proposal of the Polish Dance Theatre at the Malta Festival Poznań 2018 combines artistic assumptions of the Year of Sorcerers - refers to traditions, rituals, legacy of old beliefs and Polish romanticism, and the Year of the Gods, dedicated to divine symbolism, divine figures and phenomena, authorities. We hope that the synthesis of artistic statements, inscribed in the discourse on Polish identity, will reveal the different, colorful faces of the Polish imaginarium, at the same time complementing the Malta Festival Poznań 2018 program.

The performances of the Polish Dance Theatre are part of the Malta Festival Poznań 2018 partnership program. "Poznań in Malta" is a platform for the presentation and promotion of Poznań artists, theater groups and cultural institutions.

Tickets are available at and City Information Centre at Ratajczaka street 44 (ticket price: 15 PLN).

16.06. at 20.00  "No More Tears", dir. Iwo Vedral (premier PTT), Centrum Kultury ZAMEK*

17.06. at 20.00 "No More Tears", dir. Iwo Vedral (premier PTT). Centrum Kultury ZAMEK*

20.06 at 21.00 . "Forefather's Eve_Copy.doc", dir. Tomasz Bazan, International Poznan Fair, MP2 (Hall no 2)

21.06. at 21.00  "Polka", dir. Igor Gorzkowski, International Poznan Fair, MP2 (Hall no 2)

22.06. at 18.00  "Harvest", dir. Igor Gorzkowski, International Poznan Fair, MP2 (Hall no 2)

23.06 at 18.00 "Wedding. Afterparty", dir. Marcin Liber, International Poznan Fair, MP2 (Hall no 2)

24.06. at 18.00 "Bittersweet", dir. Kaya Kołodziejczyk, International Poznan Fair, MP2 (Hall no 2)


*The spectacle uses strong strobe lights! People who are sensitive to this type of lighting are kindly asked to be very careful.