Mon, 04/16/2018 - 13:39
International Dance Day
International Dance Day

On the occasion of the International Dance Day, established in 1982 by the Dance Committee of the International Theatre Institute, celebrated on April 29, commemorating the baptism of the great reformer of the art of dance, Jean-Georges Noverre, we encourage you to watch the dance and experience it by yourself. We have prepared a number of special events that will allow both our audience and professionals  to meet among the people sharing the same passion and celebrate together.

April 29 at 12.00 in the Studio of the Polish Dance Theatre at Kozia street 4 in Poznań will start the program for artists - dancers for internships in the season 2018/2019. Participants will take part in classical and contemporary class, improvisation, repertoire and voice workshop. The audience will have the opportunity to look at the work of young adepts of the art of dance until  4 pm. In parallel, from 2 pm to 4 pm in the courtyard of the Ballet School named after Olga Sławska - Lipczyńska (entrance from Gołębia street) will be a presentation of literary, photographic and film works, submitted in last year's first edition of the "1 page - 1 view - 180 seconds" competition, organized by the Polish Dance Theatre. It will be a prelude to the announcement of the second edition of this competition, which will also take place in the International Dance Day. An additional attraction will be a specially arranged mini studio, where you'll be able to take a picture in a costume or a props from the Polish Dance Theatre’s performance. All interested viewers will be able to send their favourite shot ("selfie in dance!") to the address, for publication in the album. From 4 pm tp 5pm we plan party with DJ Margina. We invite you to be part of a collective, commemorative photography (around 5pm). At the end of this  day we will show the "Bittersweet" performance directed and choreographed by Kaia Kołodziejczyk as part of the "Poznań Half Price" action. Performance presents not only the title sensory, existential and metaphysical experience, but also a meeting of a colourful community in common singing and movement. Tickets for this spectacle, at a bargain price (a normal ticket PLN 20, a concession ticket PLN 10), can already be purchased at and book at

Admission to other events is free.

You're mostly welcomed!