Tue, 03/27/2018 - 12:36
The World Theatre Day 2018

The World Theatre Day is a great opportunity to think about the role that the theatre - the place of a meeting of the actor and the spectator - plays today.

This is an exceptional moment to thank our audience for inspiration, openness to the language of art, good energy, common dialogue, sensitivity to beauty. This is also an extraordinary day for theatre’s people who build their space and community with the passion, talent and imagination, playing various roles.

Easter Holidays are an opportunity to exchange wishes. The World Theatre Day also gives such a chance. Polish Dance Theatre wants to be a part of this tradition.

“Theatre will not go away. Because theatre is a site, I am tempted to say a refuge. Where people congregate and instantly form communities. As we have always done” writes Simon McBurney in the World Theatre Day Message 2018.

May we keep sharing love for the theatre and strengthening its community.
Iwona Pasińska with the Polish Dance Theatre team

photo by Andrzej Grabowski