choreography: Karolina Wyrwał
choreography assistant: Małgorzata Mielech
sound programming/music: Paul Tinsley (UK)
set design/costumes: Zofia Jakubiec
lights: Arkadiusz Kuczyński
duration: 25min
dancers: Urszula Bernat i Katarzyna Kulmińska

Initial inspiration for this play was the work of an American artist, Barbara Kruger, associated with conceptualism and “involved art”. Kruger in her collages presents reprinted from newspapers images of heroes of the collective imagination, adding to them provocative subtitles, such as a sentence “not stupid enough” appearing in the picture of grinning Marilyn Monroe.
Manipulation, play and puzzle are the key words, connecting Karolina Wyrwał’s spectacle with works of Kruger. Authoress of “Double Trouble” asks how far does the current fashion, personal beliefs and preferences change the image of what we see. Is it possible to find common denominator if two people who are looking at the same object sees two different things?
All in all perception always comes to us deformed, and creating an ideal is nothing but mystification. 

In Double Trouble spectacle will be used “smart wireless” cubes, made to control and create live sound. Controlled by the touch of the dancers, they create unique musical interface.
“Smart wireless” cubes were designed in Belgium by Bert Schiettecattedo to work with live performance type software (such as Ableton Live).  They are kind of electronic instruments, consisting of a collection of wireless intelligent objects that can detect each other's position and orientation. Normally used by DJs. “Double Trouble” will be their first appearance in theatre space.