Gazeta Wyborcza - Łódź

Warm up ice, even when it hurts"
We could see in Łódź the première of "Spring-Effatha”. It has been dedicated to the Logos Theatre on its XX-years. During Sunday Holy Mass, which closed fortnightly XIth Festival of the Christian Culture, archbishop Władysław Ziółek conferred The Golden Cross of the Łódź Archdiocese to the theatre and its founder Waldemar Sondka. For their contribution to the Łodź’s church community. Ewa Wycichowska’s choreography “Spring-Effatha" has touched a metaphysical opening. Without pathos and with a screwing up eye. Minimum plane of acting reminded an artificial ice an was surrounded by the tribunes for spectators. The block of the ice, cube with one meter flank was on the stage. There was no way to crash it and to touch it. The perfect ice. Actors gave small ice cubes to the spectators.
There was no way to stand up on the ice. Dancers’ legs went comically apart and their hands slided. It was necessary to tryto restraint the ice.But unconventionally. From the beginning. Iwona Pasińska learned how to walk. One more time discovered her legs,capabilities of joints and muscles tense. Awkwardly to the side and front she draws out her limbs alternately, just to hold vertically.As android – we could see almost gear rack, transmissions and connecting rod turning in her legs. As mills in the hands of four dancers. 
When she got weaker, Daniel Stryjecki told her to go. He moved her legs. We can hear moan pulled out from actress breast. This movement hurts. As opening.
When actress was on the top of the ice cube she made macabre intensity posture, balanced only on her tense buttocks, straightened legs and hands rinsing and slowly drawing aside. On the first time did not manage to keep her balance behind. So, one more time. And one more. Till the tense muscles begin to beg for resting.
Dance in “Effatha” can be read also in its material layer. We can see choreographic minimalismandsense warm free up by movement. Only by non-learned, non-made easy activity by the body overworks techniques.Only by unschematic dance, painful but alive, warmed by parrying sweat. Warming up ice. 
That’s why solo-dance taking by all dancers convicted on defeat. Attrition of two bodies is missing and energetic relation between two people in the individual show.That’s why Haendel harmony must be interrupted by the full of dissonance Jacek Wierzchowski’s music. 
Dancers become frozen once a while. They stand in the zone of glaciations which on the stage is shown by the Marcelina Wojciechowska’s video projection. Shaking zigzags, pulsing corners synchronize actors’ activity till the final scene. The configuration of the dancers walking around the ice, repeating gestures, is differentiated slowly. Simultaneously monochrome world, slowly saturate with yellow and green colors.And finally everyone experience their own personal opening, in the gesture of hands and yoga position.It warmed them by body and mind. As Iwona Pasińska, who extremely tired – falls on the block of the ice.  And suddenly ring the highest sound of Haendel “Dettingen Deum”. Minimalistic version which huge orchestra reduces to the piano and Ida Haendel’s violin. 
Selected perfectly that you think as Wierzchowski has written them. During this sound the ice, as children whose comic statements have brought the best libretto “does not sustain and melts".The block melts, water emerges from under it.It is possible to splash in it with squeak.As children in joyful chatter reminds the bird twitter. And one more thing. Due to cooperation of three institutions: Polish Dance Theatre – Poznań Ballet, Łódź PWSFTviT and Logos première has been registered on video. I can’t wait the DVD version.
Leszek Karczewski, "Gazeta Wyborcza -Łódź ", 20.11.2007.