Karolina Sobel

 “Poison” (premiere 25.02.2020)

An artist, photographer and video creator. She graduated from the Faculty of Media Art at the University of Art and Design (HFG) in Karlsruhe. She studied social sciences at the University of EHESS in Paris and visual arts at the IUAV in Venice. While exhibiting her works she is looking for performative aspects of photography and other multimedia forms. She works with Marta Ziółek. In 2020, she received an annual scholarship from the Kunstststiftung Baden Würtemberg Art Foundation. She works for different magazines. 

tomasz krzyżanowski

WSZYSCY JESTEŚMY BOGAMI (premiere:12 Sep '18)


Composer, arranger, musician, vocalist/singer. A composer of music for several dozen theatrical performances, concerts, films and other artistic projects. He plays percussion and keyboard instruments. For 14 years, he has been the musical director of the CHOREA Theater in Łódź, as well as the Choir of the CHOREA Theater (since 2011). A co-founder of the male choir carrying out music and performative ventures, including "Songs for the City" project. A leader and co-host of many theater and music workshops for actors, dancers and musicians, amateurs, children and young people. In his work he is inspired by music and rhythm from ancient Greece, the Balkans, music of the Middle East, North Africa and India

Yoshiko Waki
Yoshiko Waki - choreographer, director

"Solidaritot I Solidar- Noc" - premiere 12/12/ 2018 (Münster), 18/12/2018 (Warszawa), 20/12(Poznań)

Co-founder – along with Rolf Baumgart – of the bodytalk ensemble in Münster. She obtained her diploma at the Dance and Dance Pedagogy Department at the State Conservatory of Music and Dance in Heidelberg-Mannheim, Germany. She has danced and choreographed around the world, from Hamburg to Hong Kong. She has performed at the City Contemporary Dance Company in Hong Kong and at Volksbühne in Berlin, in the team of Johann Kresnik. She has collaborated with the Opera in Bonn and the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra.


iwo vedral
IWO VEDRAL, director

NO MORE TEARS (premiere: 16-17 Jun '18)

A graduate of the Drama Department of the PWST in Krakow. He debuted with the"Puzzle” play by Szymon Wróblewski at the Stary Teatr in Krakow. Among others, he completed: „Amok, moja dziecinada/Amok” by Thomas Freyer in Teatr Nowy in Krakow, “Podróż poślubną/Honeymoon” by Władimir Sorokin in Teatr im. Norwida in Jelenia Góra, „Solness” by Henry Ibsen in Teatr Wybrzeże in Gdańsk, „Śmierć komiwojażera/Death of a Salesman” by Arthur Miller in Teatr Dramatyczny in Białystok. For the "Ulica/Street” play inspired by the novel by Daniel Odiji in Teatr Nowy in Słupsk, he was awarded the Special Award of the Marshal of the Pomeranian Voivodeship (2016). He is a double scholarship holder of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

Maciej Kuźmiński, Fabula rasa, premiere: 20.11.2019


Choreographer, performer, educator, producer. Artistic director of Maciej Kuźmiński Company. Founder and director of the Polish Dance Network. His works have been presented over 140 times in 20 countries. The multi-award winning artist has claimed among others the prestigious Audience Award at the Polish Dance Platform 2014, or 2nd Prize and Special Prize at the International Choreographic Competition in Hannover 2018. Maciej Kuźmiński graduated with Distinction from MA Choreography studies and BA Dance Theatre studies from the Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in London. Pedagogue at Codarts, Trinity Laban, University of Calgary, Belgrade Dance Institute, Dance Departament in Bytom. 

Marcin Motyl
MARCIN MOTYL, artist, dancer

INITIATION (premiere: 7 Dec '17)

A graduate of the Secondary Ballet School in Warsaw. In 2011, he started working at the Polish Dance Theater in Poznań, where he had the opportunity to collaborate with such choreographers as: Jo Strømgren, Ohad Naharin, Ewa Wycichowska, Urszula Bernat-Jałocha and others. He keeps on gaining experience by taking part in numerous workshops organized both in Poland and abroad with such pedagogists as: Franck Chartier, Henrik Kaalund, Yi-Chun Liu, Stian Danielsen, Anna Nowak, Shi Pratt, Sjoerda Vreugdenhila, Noa Paran and others. His greatest choreographic achievement is the “Plan” performance (2016).

tomasz bazan
TOMASZ BAZAN, choreographer

FOREFATHERS EVE_COPY.DOC (premiere: 25 May '17)


A dancer, director and choreographer; creator and curator of nine editions of the MAAT FESTIVAL international festival of experimental dance and movement. He studied with many excellent dancers and masters of martial arts in Poland and abroad. Since 2012, he has belonged to the group of closest associates of Krzysztof Garbaczewski. He joined the cast of “Życie seksualne dzikich/Sexual Life of the Wild" at Nowy Teatr in Warsaw. He danced on the stage of the La MaMa Theater in New York. A scholarship holder of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland (2012, 2015).

Magdalena Banachowicz

BITTERSWEET (premiere: 27 May '17)

JULITA CHARYTONIUK, voice educator, singer

BITTERSWEET (premiere: 27 May '17)

aleksandra dziurosz
ALEKSANDRA DZIUROSZ, choreographer, director

LET THE LIVING BURY THE DEAD (premiere 26 May '17)


A dancer, choreographer, contemporary dance, stage movement and improvisation teacher, deputy director of the Institute of Music and Dance, associate professor of the UMFC in Warsaw, originator of the Warsaw Dance Theater, director of Warsaw Dance Days, an artistic director of the Chopin University Dance Company. As a dancer, dance teacher and choreographer, she performed, among others, in: Japan, Spain, Puerto Rico, Switzerland, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Crete, Lithuania, Ukraine, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Poland. She created choreographies and scenic movement, among others, for: Polish Dance Theater-Poznań Ballet, Kielce Dance Theater, Prague Chamber Ballet (CZ), United Movement (CH)

Igor Gorzkowski

THE HARVEST (premiere: 21 Jan '17) POLKA (premiere: 3 Feb '18)


A director and playwright, co-founder of Studio Teatralne Koło in Warsaw (since 1988) – an independent theater in which he has made most of his performances. He also directed in numerous institutional drama and opera theaters. Nominated two times for the prestigious Warsaw Feliks Theater Award for directing "Starucha/Biddy" (2011) and "Burza/Tempest" (2012). In 2013, he received the Grand Prix at the Two Theaters Festival for his debut radio play inspired by Mewa. Since 2011, he has acted as a deputy artistic director at Teatr Ochota. His original theater has a chamber form that assumes an almost intimate contact between the actor and the viewer. It is a minimalist theater, deprived of staging fireworks.

kaya kołodziejczyk

BITTERSWEET (premiere: 27 May '17)

Adam Strug
ADAM STRUG, composer, singer

THE HARVEST (premiere: 21 Jan '17)

A singer and instrumentalist, songwriter, composer of theater and film music, screenwriter, ethnomusicologist. The originator of the Monodia Polska singing group, a practitioner of Polish songs transmitted in the oral tradition. He cooperates with the Polish Dance Theater in the “Żniwa/Harvest” play.


tomasz szczepanek

LET THE LIVING BURY THE DEAD (premiere 26 May '17)


A graduate of the Directing Department of the Theater Academy of Aleksander Zelwerowicz in Warsaw, currently a PhD student at the Department of Aesthetics at the Institute of Philosophy at the University of Warsaw. During his studies, he was an assistant to Agnieszka Glińska and Jerzy Jarocki. He worked as a Literary Consultant in Teatr Studio of Stanisław I. Witkiewicz in Warsaw. There he also staged a directing diploma based on the “Anarchist” by David Mamet in 2013. The author of dramatic texts, including “Warsaw Calling”, based on which he prepared a play in 2015 produced by Teatr Boto and Bemowskie Centrum Kultury.

Daria Woszek
DARIA WOSZEK, playwright

BITTERSWEET (premiere: 27 May '17)