Agnieszka Jachym

Artist Dancer

Dancer, choreographer, graduate from the Ballet Studio of Krakow Opera and the Ludomir Rozycki State Ballet School in Bytom. After obtaining the professional dancer diploma in 2012, she took part in projects of temporaere theater in Berlin and Dresden and in „No Sacre” by Ismael Ivo during ImpulsTanz. In the years 2014-2017, she danced in Tanzcompagnie Giessen. In 2018, her premiere of the dance theatre „Getto krakowskie"  took place in the Nowy Proxima Theatre. She danced in choreography „solar storm” by Johannes Wieland, as well as in the opera „Alcina” at the Staatsoper Hamburg.

At the end of the 2018/2019 season, she joined the Polish Dance Theater.

Piotr Zonta Król
Piotr "Zonta" Król

"Poison" (premiere 25.02.2020 in Poznań)

Krump dancer. Associated with dance since 2008, trained in Poland and abroad by the creators of the style and its world leaders. A multiple winner of the competition of international rank. The only krumper in the world who appeared in the finals of Juste Debout in Paris as the winner of Polish eliminations in experimental category.

Krystyna Lama Szydłowska fot. Jerzy Sadowski

NO MORE TEARS (premiere: 16-17 Feb '18)

Performer/choreographer/dancer/animator of culture/dance pedagogist, graduate of WSUS in Poznań (composition and dance techniques), scholarship holder of the Alternative Dance Academy 2015 Art Stations Foundation by Grażyna Kulczyk, student at the Academy of Music in Łódź (major: choreography). She works on the borderline of disciplines, mainly in cooperation with Dawid Dąbrowski. Along with Zofia Tomczyk, she established the KINESTREFA Foundation to create in partnership and share their knowledge. In terms of private and professional life, she has always been connected with Poznań, where she creates a community centered around dance and performing arts. She seeks infinity in motion, but above all honest stage presence. She loves sugar. 

Daniel Michna
Daniel Michna

Artist Dancer

Dancer, dance instructor, certified choreography and dance techniques at the Academy of the Music in Łódź. He studied classical dance under the tutelage of many outstanding educators, including Wacław Niedźwiedź , Alina Towarnicka, Anna Rural. He took part in many workshops abroad: Gaga - Ohad Naharin  (Israel), Contact improvisation  - Scott Wells and Modern dance - Rosana Gamson (USA). In Poland, he trained under the guidance of many popular contemporary dance educators and choreographers, i.e. Jack Owczarek, Witold Jurewicz, Iwona Olszowska, Michał Ratajski and Maciej Kuźmiński. He performed on the stage of the Krakow Variété Theatre, V6 Theatre in Łódź, took part in the performances of the Alter Dance Theatre and Kijo Dance Theater.


Karolina Sobel

 “Poison” (premiere 25.02.2020)

An artist, photographer and video creator. She graduated from the Faculty of Media Art at the University of Art and Design (HFG) in Karlsruhe. She studied social sciences at the University of EHESS in Paris and visual arts at the IUAV in Venice. While exhibiting her works she is looking for performative aspects of photography and other multimedia forms. She works with Marta Ziółek. In 2020, she received an annual scholarship from the Kunstststiftung Baden Würtemberg Art Foundation. She works for different magazines. 

dawid dąbrowski

NO MORE TEARS (premiere: 16-17 Jun '18)

He composed music for performances directed by Iwo Vedral: “Słodka Fibi/Sweet Fibi” (Teatr Niekonsekwentny in Szczecin), “Śmierć Pracownika/Death of an Employee”, “Ścielę wieczne łoże” (Teatr Polski in Poznan), “Śmierć Komiwojażera/Death of a Salesman” (Teatr im. Węgierki in Białystok) and “Wieczny Kwiecień/Eternal April” directed by Agnieszka Korytkowska-Mazur (Teatr Polski in Poznan), “Opowieści z niepamięci” directed by Duda Paiva (Teatr Animacji in Poznan). A co-organizer of the Gadafest festival. Currently, he deals with creating audiovisual projects: “resmover”, “Foton Bombers”, “NIE/WIEM”, “Eternit”, “Random Mode”. The last project, "Granica/Border", was created in cooperation with foundations from Ukraine (Artpole, Platforma TIO). It was staged in Mariupol, Kiev and Poznań this year.

Patryk Jarczok
Patryk Jarczok
Artist Dancer

Qualified dancer, choreographer and teacher. A graduate of the WSUS dance faculty in Poznań and the Institute of Dance Arts at Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität Linz in Austria. Erasmus + scholarship  holder at the Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Frankfurt am Main at the dance department. In the years 2014-2016 associated with STW team Natalia Draganik - Franke. From 2018, he was associated with the Song of the Goat Theatre in Wrocław. From March 2019 an intern at Staatstheater Kassel - Johannes Wieland Company. He collaborated with other artists such as Cameron McMillan, David Zambrano, Wim Vandekeybus, Martin Durov & Laja Field and Maciej Kuźmiński.

From 2020, he has been associated with Polish Dance Theater.



Dyplomowany tancerz, choreograf i pedagog. Absolwent kierunku taniec WSUS w Poznaniu oraz Institute of Dance Arts na Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität Linz w Austrii. Stypendysta programu Erasmus+ w Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Frankfurt am Main na wydziale tańca. W latach 2014-2016 związany z zespołem STW Natalii Draganik-Franke. Od 2018 roku związany z Teatrem Pieśń Kozła we Wrocławiu. Od marca 2019 stażysta w Staatstheater Kassel - Johannes Wieland Company. Współpracował między innymi z takimi artystami jak Cameron McMillan, David Zambrano, Wim Vandekeybus, Martin Durov & Laja Field oraz Maciejem Kuźmińskim.

Od 2020 roku związany z Polskim Teatrem Tańca.

Pau nocą
Pau Pérez Piqué


A dancer and choreographer. He graduated from the Conservatory of Riba-Roja del Túria (Valencia). In 2014, he became a member of Cinevox Junior Company (Switzerland) where he was part of the creations by Félix Duméril, Ishsan Rustem, Nicole Morel, among others. He worked as a performer and choreographer for Kayzer Ballet (Portugal) and for the University of Valencia (Spain) under the direction of Yoshua Cienfuegos. From 2018 to 2020, he was a dancer at the Theater Lüneburg and took part in independent projects “Die Baustelle” and “Wir setzen den FuB in die Luft”. He also developed his choreographic skills in two award winning pieces “Flama” and “The Breath of the Rhein”, among other creations.

prof. ZBIGNIEW KOZUB, composer

POLKA (premiere: 3 Feb '18). FABULA RASA (premiere: 20.11.2019)

Associated with the Academy of Music in Poznań and the Poznań University of Arts. In 1992-1999, he acted as the president of the Poznań branch of the Polish Composers' Union and the Director of the “Poznańska Wiosna Muzyczna” festival. A winner of nine prizes in composer competitions and the special prize of the Festival of Feature and Television Films for Children and Youth in Poznań (1992) for the music to "The Little Prince” film directed by Waldemar Śmigasiewicz. Awarded with the Silver Cross of Merits 2014 and the "Zasłużony dla Kultury Polskiej" award (2015). The most important works from recent years include: "Altum silentium for violin and tape" (2007) or "Wyspiański's pageant for orchestra (2007)".

Maciej Kuźmiński, Fabula rasa, premiere: 20.11.2019


Choreographer, performer, educator, producer. Artistic director of Maciej Kuźmiński Company. Founder and director of the Polish Dance Network. His works have been presented over 140 times in 20 countries. The multi-award winning artist has claimed among others the prestigious Audience Award at the Polish Dance Platform 2014, or 2nd Prize and Special Prize at the International Choreographic Competition in Hannover 2018. Maciej Kuźmiński graduated with Distinction from MA Choreography studies and BA Dance Theatre studies from the Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in London. Pedagogue at Codarts, Trinity Laban, University of Calgary, Belgrade Dance Institute, Dance Departament in Bytom. 


POLKA (premiere: 3 Feb '18)

Theater and advertising photographer, portraitist. He has been photographing body expression, moving bodies and dance for almost thirty years. Among the theaters he collaborated with, one can mention the Polish Dance Theater, Teatr Wielki of Stanisław Moniuszko, Teatr Nowy and Teatr Polski in Poznań. He is the author of theater scenography to the following performances: “Trop. Dance as art”, “Saligia”, “7 grzechów miejskich/7 city sins”, “ReMIX/Drzewiecki/Ostatnia niedziela/Last Sunday”, “Cyrkostrada” or “Upadłe anioły/Fallen Angels”, to name just a few. He worked as a photographer for the largest advertising agencies, including Saatchi & Saatchi, McCannEricson, Lintas. His advertising photos were used in Nivea, Lidl, Hochland, North Fish, BZ WBK, Intermarche or Philips campaigns.

Paweł Murlik
Paweł Murlik - FABULA RASA (premiere 20.11.2019)

Director of light

He deals with the arrangement of light in theatres paces. For several years he was also associated with the Silesian Dance Theatre. During festivals he cooperated with Cullberg Ballet (Sweden), Joe Alter (USA), Uri Ivgi (Israel), Johan Greben (Netherlands), Brian Michaels (Great Britain), ErikKoung (Macau), Kuik Swee Boon (Singapore),Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company(Israel), Jean-Guillaume Weis (Luxembourg). Paweł Murlik was responsible for directing light, working for such artists as: Magdalena Piekorz, Jacek Łumiński, Anna Piotrowska, Kaya Kołodziejczyk, Maciej Kuźmiński, Jerzy Stuhr, Jan Peszek, Jakub Lewandowski. 

tomasz rodowicz
TOMASZ RODOWICZ, director, choreographer

WSZYSCY JESTEŚMY BOGAMI (premiere:12 Sep '18)


Actor, director, musician, pedagogist. A graduate of the Faculty of Philosophy at the Academy of Catholic Theology in Warsaw. A co-founder of the first social therapy center in Poland for addicted teenagers in Warsaw. In 1974-76, he worked closely with Jerzy Grotowski’s Teatr Laboratorium. A co-founder of the “Gardzienice” Theater Practices Center and its member in 1977-2003. A co-founder of the CHOREA Theater Association and its leader since 2004. An artistic director of Fabryka Sztuki in Łódź since 2007. He cooperates with the Polish Dance Theater in creating a performance on the occasion of the 45th anniversary of the Theater.

Kacper Bożek
Kacper Bożek

Artist Dancer

Graduate of the Academy of Humanities and Economics in Łódź in the field of dance, majoring as a dancer-choreographer. In 2017 he received an artistic scholarship from the Minister of Science and Higher Education. He was a dancer at the V6 Theater in Łódź, a contemporary dance instructor at the Urban Dance Zone dance school and a participant in the 8th and 9th editions of the “You Can Dance” TV programme. He participated in many independent dance and choreographic projects throughout Poland. He was trained, among others, by Minka-Marie Heiß, Chiara Fulgentini, David Zambrano, Anton Lachka, Kristina and Sade Alleyne, Francisco Cordova, Laura Aris. He is still actively involved in many workshop programs organized throughout Europe.

Paul Bargetto


International director, festival producer, and dramaturg. He founded the independent theatre festival undergroundzero in New York City (2007-2014) and the theater company East River Commedia (1998-2012) He is currently the founding artistic director of Teatr-Trans-Atlantyk in Warsaw.  Recent credits include Album Karla Hockera, and California with Teatr Trans-Atlantyk, and Plateau at Teatr Rozbark with Maciej Kuzminski.


tomasz krzyżanowski

WSZYSCY JESTEŚMY BOGAMI (premiere:12 Sep '18)


Composer, arranger, musician, vocalist/singer. A composer of music for several dozen theatrical performances, concerts, films and other artistic projects. He plays percussion and keyboard instruments. For 14 years, he has been the musical director of the CHOREA Theater in Łódź, as well as the Choir of the CHOREA Theater (since 2011). A co-founder of the male choir carrying out music and performative ventures, including "Songs for the City" project. A leader and co-host of many theater and music workshops for actors, dancers and musicians, amateurs, children and young people. In his work he is inspired by music and rhythm from ancient Greece, the Balkans, music of the Middle East, North Africa and India

Dominik Kupka - artist dancer
Artist Dancer

A graduate of the State Post-Secondary Study of Culture Animators in Kalisz, where he studied dance. A participant of many workshops, festivals and dance projects. In 2017, he collaborated with Adam Fołtarz at the "Eroticon" exhibition, where he acted as a co-creator of the movement etude “Chce(nie)/Want(ing)”. He was trained, among others, by dancers such as: Julia Spiesser, Enza Bracciale, Fabrizzio Prolli, Anna Wytych-Wierzgacz, Andrea Atilla Feliece, Aneta Zwierzyńska, Witold Jurewicz, Monika Bral, Ekaterina Kvyatkoskaya, Jacek Owczarek, Alassane Wat, Anna Krysiak.

Marta Ziółek

"Poison" (premiera 25.02.2020 in Poznań)

Choreographer, a graduate of the Faculty of Choreography at the School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam. The author of such performances as “Zrób siebie”/”Do yourself” ”PIXO”, “TO”, ”Pamela”. She cooperates with theatre and film directors; she has cooperated with Gosia Wdowik, Krzysztof Garbaczewski and Lena Frankiewicz. She also worked with Krzysztof Skonieczny on the series “Ślepnąc od świateł”/” Blinding from the lights” and choreographed for Netflix for the series “Altered Carbon”. She is working in Warsaw on new projects “ONE WOMAN SHOW” at CSW Ujazdowski Castle and "Venus with a stick" at Warsaw's Teatr Studio.