Fri, 12/11/2020 - 10:22
Summary festival of the “1 page – 1 view – 180 seconds” competition

From 11 to 13 December we invite you to the 2nd edition of the “1 page – 1 view – 180 seconds” Festival which will take place in the Internet space. 

During the festival we will summarize the 4th edition of the international competition entitled “1 page – 1 look – 180 seconds”.

From 11 December from 12.00 noon to 13 December to 8.00 pm you will be able to vote for the winner of the Audience Award. On the website of the Polish Dance Theatre in a separate information and on the Facebook page of the Polish Dance Theatre we will place a link to the form through which you will be able to vote for your favorite in each of the three categories of the competition – “1 page” (literary category) “1 look” (visual arts category) and “180 seconds” (film category).

The culmination of the festival will be a gala crowning the “1 page – 1 look – 180 seconds” competition during which we will meet the winners, meet the main prize winners virtually, watch their works together and listen to the jury's opinions about the awarded works. The event will take place online, on the Facebook profile of the Polish Dance Theatre, on 13 December at 8.30 pm. 

The rest of the evening will be filled with the premiere of the latest chorographic film project “TA MARA” choreographed by Iwona Pasińska, which will start at 9.00 pm on YouTube and VIMEO channels and on the Facebook page of the Polish Dance Theatre. 

The name of the winner of the Audience Award and the title of the winning work will be announced on 13 December at 9.15 pm, by a separate post on the FB profile of the Polish Dance Theatre and on the website. 

Let us remind you that the “1 page – 1 look – 180 seconds” competition, organized by the Polish Dance Theatre, was held for the fourth time this year. Since its inception, its aim has been to create a platform that registers the creative approach to the phenomenon of the dance theatre and movement. The competition is open, its tripartite name “1 page – 1 look – 180 seconds” corresponds to three categories of works that could be submitted in the field of literature, visual arts and film until 31 October this year. 

In previous years the category “1 look” included only photography. This year we expanded it with graphic, sculptural and painting works to open up a space for the exchange of thoughts around the theme of body expression to different genres of visual arts. The jury this year included Iwona Pasińska, chairwoman, Professor Piotr Śliwiński, literature expert, Andrzej Grabowski, visual arts expert and Edyta Pietrowska, film expert. 

All awarded works will be published on the Polish Dance Theatre website. 

More information about TA MARA