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EU CLASH! project will end in the international festival

CLASH! International Festival

The Hybrid in Dance Models, between Classic and Contemporary

from the 8th to the 13th of December 2020

Link to the film recording of the press conference announcing the festival 

CLASH! International Festival. The Hybrid in Dance Models, between Classic and Contemporary will be held from the 8th to the 13th of December 2020. Starting at 6 pm CET (Bruxelles time), six events entirely dedicated to dance are going to be broadcasted on the official website clashproject.eu every day. Screendance performances and talks will animate a unique online program created and produced by the six European partners involved in the project CLASH! When Classic and Contemporary Dance Collide and New Forms Emerge – promoted by Balletto di Roma (Italy) and co-funded by Creative Europe Program of the European Union. The Festival will present a shared calendar of events to show the results of practical investigations led during the European exchange by the project-partners from 2018.

Coordinated by Sapienza University of Rome (Italy), every day of CLASH! International Festival is curated by each partner-dance company ‒ Balletto di Roma (Italy), 420PEOPLE (Czech Republic), Companhia de Dança de Almada (Portugal), Derida Dance Center / Art Link Foundation (Bulgaria), Polski Teatr Tanca/ Polish Dance Theater (Poland) – and focus on a particular issue explored along the initiative. Topics such as Audience Development, Dancer’s Training, Cultural Diplomacy in the Dance Field, and Choreographic-Making Processes are going to be displayed during the event programmed to allow the users to interact in creative dialogues with choreographers, dance pedagogues, and keynote speakers. Each day of the festival will end with a screendance performance created for the occasion by each partner. 

Born before the pandemic, CLASH! International Festival had to face, during its realization, the new complexity of the present: from the original idea of an itinerant event in the countries of the European exchange, the Festival has been transformed - in form but not in substance and spirit - with the inauguration of new digital spaces for discussion, exchange, study. An unexpected evolution that has discovered in the problem a new opportunity for a further step into new research areas. The “hybrid” nature of CLASH! International Festival, crossing live and digital instruments, as well as the dialogue among body and screen, is a way of looking at our time through dance using new virtual lenses to expand visions and perspectives.

In order to reflect together on the impact the pandemic had on the performance field, the last day of the festival will be dedicated to open a ground to exchange visions on the role digitization can play to preserve the actualization of dance activities, and on the funding opportunities European programs will provide to sustain dance practitioners in the near future. Finally, the videodance work created by Sapienza University of Rome team will be streamed, on the hybrid creative processes the partners performed to adapt their analogical practice into digital artefacts.


Each day of the Festival starts at 6 pm CET (Bruxelles time) and is introduced by a brief presentation of the theme of the day by the representatives of the CLASH! project partners.


Day 1 | 8th of December – Curated by 420PEOPLE (Czech Republic)

Theme: Audience Development. The Positive Impact of Pandemic Situation on Relationship with our Audiences.

Day 1 - full programme 


Day 2 | 9th of December – Curated by Polski Teatr Tańca (Poland) 

Theme: Optimal Training for the Contemporary Dancer & Involvement of the Public in Dancer’s Everyday Life.

Day 2 - full programme 


Day 3 | 10th of December – Curated by Balletto di Roma (Italy) 

Theme: Hybrid Training for Today’s Dancers & New Training Path Strategies. 

Day 3 - full programme 


Day 4 | 11th of December – Curated by Derida Dance Centre / Art Link Foundation (Bulgaria)

Theme: Culture Diplomacy as Tool for Better Achievements Before and After the New Normal.

Day 4 - full programme 


Day 5 | 12th of December – Curated by Companhia de Dança de Almada (Portugal)

Theme: Creative Processes. 

Day 5 - full programme 


Day 6 | 13th of December – Curated by Sapienza University of Rome and Balletto di Roma

Theme: CLASH! Experience: Lessons Learnt, New Paths and Perspectives. 

Day 6 - full programme





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CLASH! International Festival 

The Hybrid in Dance Models, between Classic and Contemporary

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