Fri, 06/26/2020 - 20:50
Polish Dance Theatre at the 24-hour Global Art Carousel!

Polish Dance Theatre joins the 24-hour Global Art Carrousel, which will spin online from July 3 at 8.00 pm to July 4 at 8.00.

The virtual art marathon will bring together over 200 artists from around the world. The creators will unite to support the international humanitarian organization Doctors Without Borders, bringing medical help wherever it is most needed.

The action, aimed at creating a sense of new community and raising funds to fight current global challenges, was initiated by the groups based in the Netherlands, i.e. Noord Nederlands Toneel, Club Guy & Roni, Asko|Schönberg i Slagwerk Den Haag, clustered under a common name NITE (National Interdiscplinary Theatre Ensemble) which is artistic collective created by actors, musicians and dancers integrating various fields of art.

The Art Carrousel Program is co-created by: Hong Kong Ballet, Batsheva Dance Company, La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club New York, Schaubühne Berlin, Alonzo King LINES Ballet, Tanz Mainz, Germaul Barnes, Noord Nederlandes Orkest, Het Nationale Theater, Speak Percussion and many other bands from around the world.

The live streaming will take place at the Nite Hotel


The Polish Dance Theatre will join the action on July 3 at 9.09 pm.

Here are a few words about our idea.

Epidemic spread through town. It happened in Poznań, birthplace of the Polish Dance Theatre, many times. The plague destroyed this town in 1709, absorbing 9 thousand of victims. As the effect of unknown pestilence in 1625, Poznań became deserted. It is remembered by the oldest buildings - medieval cathedral, the Old Town…Presently in Poznań pandemic of coronavirus lasts creating inflammatory foci in various points of public space. Artists of the Polish Dance Theatre react to the current situation infecting the city tissue with their unexpected presence, disturbing its well tamed normality with „dance plagues”. They draw form the latest - and the last before epidemic - the Polish Dance Theatre’s performance „Poison” choreographed by Marta Ziółek referring to medieval dance epidemics and to the folly madness that Prodigy's leader, Keith Flint, sang about in the song Poison. Spontaneous manifestations of dancers’ bodies expressing anger, rebellion, need of individual freedom and affiliation to community provide a comment to situation of pandemic danger in which we are trapped and - relying on conflicting emotions - we are forced to live in, testing if the dance that we are applying ourselves is the remedy or pathogenic virus. Feel invited to dance therapy!

We invite you on behalf of ourselves and other participants of the 24-hour Global Art Carrousel!