Sat, 10/31/2020 - 13:39
Till 31 October we are waiting for the works in the "1 page - 1 view - 180 seconds" competition!
konkurs rok szyderców

On the International Dance Day, the Polish Dance Theatre announced for the fourth time a competition under the name of “1 page - 1 look - 180 seconds”.

Since its inception, its aim has been to create a space that registers the creative approach to the phenomenon of dance, theatre and movement. In previous years, the tripartite name of the competition “1 page - 1 look - 180 seconds” corresponded to 3 categories of works that could be submitted in the field of literature, photography and film. In 2020, we are expanding the “1 look” category, so far only photographic, to include graphic, sculptural and painting works.  

The competition is open, we are waiting for works that have not been previously published. 

The jurors will award 3 main financial prizes and three honorary recognitions in each part of the competition, namely “1 page” (literary works), “1 look” (photographic, graphic, painting and sculptural works), “180 seconds” (film works). 

The Regulations provide for a separate Audience Award. 

All awarded works will be published on the Polish Dance Theatre website. 

Deadline for submission of works: 31 October 2020. 

Please send your competition entries to and completed application forms (link below). 

Literary and photographic works should be in electronic form. We are waiting for sculpture, painting and graphic works in the form of photographic documentation and for audio-visual works sent by providing a link with an access password via VIMEO or YOU TUBE. 


Application form.