Wed, 01/01/2020 - 01:01
We begin the Year of the Scoffs 2020

New Year's wishes for the Year of Scoffs 2020 



While entering 2020,

which in the Polish Dance Theatre will be the Year of Scoffs,

we wish you all

liberation by laughter,

the appreciation of the role of humour in life and in the theatre,

the ability to tame the absurdities of this world with a joke,

a distance that allows you to look at yourselves and reality from a different perspective,

lightness, finesse, vis comica, sparkling witty thoughts,

a bit of ironic perversity,

seeing the positive energy in mockery,

and rediscovering the theater's folklore.


Iwona Pasińska with the Polish Dance Theatre Company



Motto of the Year of the Scoffs


And better yet, whoever's stupid is proud of his wisdom,

And what's worse, whoever's wise knows that is less wise. 

(Ignacy Krasicki: Praise the folly)