Tue, 05/22/2018 - 12:57
Inicjacja 1

"Initation" is a musical and film experiment directed by Iwona Pasińska, with the hypnotising music of Jacek Sienkiewicz and the ascetic stage design of Andrzej Grabowski, in which each of the props is significant. The sophisticated visual form, saturated with a subtle play of artificial light and evening darkness, intertwines with the broadly understood physical expression of artists - dancers of the Polish Dance Theater. Each of the black and white frames that make up this short film is a separate, picturesque composition that could appear as an independent image or artistic photography. They are arranged in an oneiric story in which the viewer's perception is strongly influenced by the motion of the camera, in addition to the dancers` movement, which regularly returns to the same places. Looking into the depths of human habitats, toxic relationships and untamed fears, we see that the demons with which characters are struggling are often an exemplification of social problems that can be read on the front pages of newspapers. One of the characters learns about human traumas, experiencing scenes from life in the space of the imagination. What will end his "initiation" or attempt to enter into reality?


https://vimeo.com/246504787Link do inicjacja

The internet premiere took place on 8th December 2018.

Production: Polish Dance Theatre 2017

Co-financed by the Institute of Music and Dance as part of the program "Music and Dance - Interventions 2017"



Screenplay and direction:
Iwona Pasińska

Marek Grabowski

Film Editor:
Edyta Pietrowska

Music and sound:
Jacek Sienkiewicz

Stage Designer:
Andrzej Grabowski

Zofia Grzybowska,
Urszula Szkudlarek,
Kuluza Studio

Lighting master:
Artur Schubert

Lighting and grip:
Artur Schubert,
Shapoval Yevhenii,
Stern Pictures s.c. light&grip

Color correction:
Mirosław Mamczur

Production Secretary:
Małgorzata Andrzejewska

Dancers of the Polish Dance Theater:
Urszula Bernat – Jałocha,
Fabian Fejdasz,
Julia Hałka,
Paulina Jaksim,
Jerzy Kaźmierczak,
Zbigniew Kocięba,
Katarzyna Kulmińska,
Paweł Malicki,
Marcin Motyl,
Michał Przybyła,
Adrian Radwański,
Katarzyna Rzetelska,
Sandra Szatan,
Dominik Więcek,
Emily Wong

and (guest starring) Kacper Bożek,
Marta da Pinto

and Iga Włodarczyk

Technical team:
Przemysław Gapczyński,
Grzegorz Okupniak,
Grzegorz Potocki,
Andrzej Przybyszewski

Project coordinator:
Ewelina Chatłas